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Company Outline
Company Outline
namkwangfood NAMKWANGFOOD CO., LTD.

Over the last 30 years, the company has made efforts invariably to help our customers stay healthy and make their tables abundant by providing laver and seaweeds, which are the best products from the perspective of the national food habits.

Laver is rich in nutrients and has higher concentration of B_and B_, making it a reasonable food that can be taken in together with rich we consume as a staple.

With hygienic facilities and employees full of self-esteem and pride, the company has made efforts to process laver, which is a superior food, in a way that can meet the taste of consumers, and deliver the product to the table of our customers.

The company will also strive to manufacture good quality products continuously.
Sales Status
1. Supply to the military
As an effort to provide delicious laver products for soldiers to eat, the company carefully selects good quality laver, while treating and processing it in a hygienic way under the supervision by the relevant military authorities. In order to reduce waste, simple package is used, minimizing the amount of waste to be generated.

2. Sells through mail-order
manufacture The products are selected as local specialties in Busan after Being recommended by the Governor of Saha-gu in Busan. The products are sold through mail-order from the post offices, which are under the management of KOVIX (Various products including general folded laver, stone laver, traditional laver and roasted stone laver, and marine products sets). The products can be delivered home within 2-3 days after consumers place an mail-order for a Nakdong laver or a Nakdong marine product sets at any post offices around the country by looking at the booklets available there.

3. Food services for businesses and schools
Our products are supplied to Shinsegae Food, DSME and the industrial complexes in Changwon, Ulsan and Yangsan. our foods are also supplied to food services companies such as Sambo FS, and they supply our products to schools, institutions and businesses.

4. Distributors and wholesalers
Diverse products have been shipped to distributors, wholesalers, duty-free shops, traditional market and marts.

5. Export
The products have been exported to other countries, such as Japan, Russia and China. In particular, the products have been very highly appreciated by foreigners regularly visiting the Jagalchi market, which is a famous place in Busan, the Sindonga Market or foods shops for tourists. In some cases, Japanese tourists who once tasted our laver products carried empty packages with themselves visit us to ask inquiries to buy our products.
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